Booking the MCR

Any member of the MCR can book the common room and use the facilities, whether for society events or more casual plans. However, you must follow the rules outlined below, and be aware that although a booking should help avoid planned events clashing, the space will remain open for use by other members of the community. The MCR is a great space and we are lucky to have it - please try to keep it clean, tidy, and generally pleasant to be in!

How to book the MCR

1. Check the MCR calendar to see if the space is free.

2. If your booking is for a group larger than five people, please contact the Newnham Conferences office ( In your email you should specify that you wish to book the MCR, along with the title of event and the number of attendees. Please note that you cannot book the MCR for a private event, as other members of the community will still be welcome to use the space - if this is an issue, you may wish to look into other spaces available in the college.

3. Email the MCR secretary with the details of your booking ( The Secretary will then email you to confirm that the room booking has been made, and your event will be added to the MCR calendar.

Using the MCR

Whenever you use the MCR, whether casually or for an event, you are agreeing to the following:

  • Any member of the MCR is still welcome to use the MCR, even if the space has been booked for an event.
  • Any furniture that has been moved must be put back in place.
  • The kitchen must be left clean and tidy with all washing up done.
  • The MCR must be clear of rubbish. If you fill the kitchen bins, please empty them outside the Coach House (through the Pfeiffer Gate).
  • Both the front and back access doors to the MCR must be shut (as well as any windows), and the lights must be turned off when you leave.
  • You must report any damage (even if it was a freak accident) to the MCR committee.
  • You are responsible for escorting any non-MCR members attending your event to and from the MCR; you are also responsible for ensuring their safety if there is a fire alarm.
  • There is student accommodation in Old Hall above the MCR - please be considerate with noise levels, especially late at night and around busy times of year.