The Committee


Genevieve Young (she/her) (ghy21)

My name is Geneviève Young and I am your MCR President. I’m a second-year PhD student in French, researching 11th and 12th century political poetry called chansons de geste. I’m interested in questions of myth and mythmaking, heroics, historical versus literary time, and affect. It’s my second year at Newnham and I can reliably be found staring intensely into the middle distance in the Yates Thompson wing of the library. (Feel free to wave at me).  

As MCR President, I am working closely with the Committee to make sure that our postgraduate community is receiving the support it deserves, whether that be social or academic. To this end, I am encouraging representatives to shift some of their focus to online activities, to better support those unable to attend in-person events, while also trying to organize some in-person events (within rules and reason) for those of us who are not thriving in the Zoom environment. I am available for walks and chats with MCR members, just send me an email to arrange a time.

Fun facts about me:

  • I say hello (with enthusiasm) to dogs, cats, and cows I meet on walks.
  • I will gladly forward videos and photos of our family dog, a supremely lazy German Shepherd mix named Pressa (also known as the Divine Miss P) if you are having a bad day.
  • I have been working very hard on my mask smize but am concerned it just looks like I’m squinting aggressively at people.
  • I would like to formally apologize for the aggressive squints. I’m trying.


Karla Boxall (she/her) (kb621)

Hi everyone! I’m Karla and I’m a first year PhD student in Glaciology looking at Antarctic ice shelves. Thanks to my time at Newnham as an undergrad, I have grown to love and care about Newnham, as a college, but more importantly, as a community. It is the people here that make it such an inclusive and friendly environment, helping to support the lives and studies of all students here. It can be intimidating to be surrounded by such brilliant, intelligent and powerful women, but I feel Newnham has given me the confidence, encouragement and inspiration to make the most of my time here.

As MCR secretary, I aim to to be a friendly face around college in order to be a first port of call for Newnham graduates with questions and issues. I will continue to make Newnham a welcoming environment for both new and continuing graduates and ensure transparency between the MCR committee and the students by taking and distributing accurate minutes of all MCR meetings. I will work diligently to ensure effective communication between college and students. This will be key, particularly in COVID times, where accessibility of knowledge and resources, with regards to college life, will continue to be incredibly important.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or issues!


Alette Blom (she/her) (aab78)

Hi, I am Alette and I’m treasurer of the MCR committee this year. I just started my PhD in Archaeology, where my research focuses on the lived-experience of leprosy sufferers in medieval England. I am trained as an osteoarchaeologist, or human bone specialist, and so the approach to my PhD will focus on human skeletal tissues from archaeological English contexts.

In my role as treasurer I oversee the MCR accounts and budget and communicate with the college about improving the MCR and its impact on Newnhamite college life. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas/plans/suggestions for improving Newnham, the MCR specifically, or are interested in planning in event (educational or otherwise)! We are open to any new insights and visions!

Governing Body Representative

Fania Christodoulides (she/her) (fc498)

Hello! My name is Fania, and I’m in my second year of a four-year Engineering MRes + PhD program.  I’m originally from Cyprus and the US but have lived in the UK for the past five years. Coming to Cambridge was an intimidating experience – I didn’t know if I would fit in. For me, college is not just about the walls surrounding us but, more importantly, the people making an inclusive environment and allowing all of its members to thrive. I feel lucky to have been able to come to Newnham, to be welcomed by so many incredible, high-achieving, kind, influential women who aim to make our world a better place.

As Governing Body Representative, I will try to aid the President and Secretary in making Newnham a welcoming and safe environment, and I will ensure transparency between the Council, Governing Body and the MCR Committee and its students.

I will do my best to work with all members of the MCR Committee and the MCR Student Body and provide support wherever I can, in addition to providing a strong voice for us to the College, representing all our needs. I strive to continue making Newnham an inclusive place for all, and I will do my best in approaching difficult situations logically, with empathy and understanding, which I believe are vital to my role on the MCR.

I look forward to hearing from you about your ideas or just for a chat about what living at Newnham means to you and how the MCR and College can meet your needs!

External Officer

Nadia Schroeder (she/her) (nas55)

Hi everyone, my name is Nadia and I’m studying toward an MPhil in Politics and International Studies, specialising in political theory and philosophy. My research focuses on environmental politics, particularly engaging non-Western ontologies and conceptions of sustainability. I’m from New Zealand and love all things hiking, rock climbing, and lord of the rings.

I’m excited to represent Newnham as our external officer this year. This role is the interface between our MCR and the University, chiefly by working with the Cambridge Student Union (CSU) to make sure the issues we care about are on the agenda. Newnham is an incredible community that has become my second home this year, and I’m committed to helping us all flourish by standing up for our college family.  

In the time of COVID, proactive and clear communication with the University is critical. I want us all to feel safe, have access to the support we need, and be treated with compassion in our academic and personal lives this year. If there are particular issues you want raised with the CSU, please reach out and let me know.

IT Officer

Shelby Newsad (she/her) (sn491)

Hi friends! I am a second year PhD student in Plant Science. My research seeks to understand fundamental aspects of how microbial communities form. Specifically, I am looking at vitamin-dependent gene regulation in algae and algal-bacterial interactions. I did my MPhil at Fitzwilliam College in Bioscience Enterprise. Through this, I learned about the field of science investment which I would like to pursue as my career. As a side-hustle, I am the President of the Newnham College Finance and Investment Society. I am here for your website and financial needs, a one-stop shop, really. I enjoy growing early-colonising land plants, formalling, pop and minimalist music, and cats.

Welfare Officers

Sally Montgomery (she/her) (scm88)

Hello MCR! My name is Sally Montgomery and I am in the first year of my Masters of Research (leading into PhD) in Social Anthropology! I am from Australia and completed my Bachelor of Arts degree at The University of Sydney last year.

Working with Gabbi, as the MCR Welfare Officer, I hope to be able to support you all throughout your time here at Newnham so that you can all have the best experience possible. We are here if you ever need someone to chat to about your concerns - whether it be about personal matters, mental health, study stress or worries about friends. My aim is to be an approachable, friendly and confidential point of contact for anyone and everyone!

I am also excited to use the role of Welfare Officer to host and run lots of events, initiatives and activities that support wellness. Gabbi and I are very keen to continue the tradition of wellness teas as well as wellness walks, yoga and mindfulness sessions. I would also love to run some wellness crafternoon sessions, baking sessions, and maybe some gardening session too! An initial focus would be on providing regular socially distanced or virtual avenues for wellness meet-ups and then lots of in person events when possible.

Gabby Austin (she/her) (gga22)

Hey everyone! I’m Gabby and I’m currently completing an MPhil in Modern European History. My research focuses on the Cultural Cold War and British public diplomacy in Eastern Europe. I’m from the UK and I completed my undergrad at the London School of Economics where I studied History. I love to travel and I’ve spent time working in Canada, Australia, and Hungary.

I’m super excited to be Newnham’s Welfare Officer alongside Sally and we have lots of fun ideas in the works for summer term. We’re very much hoping to organise therapeutic activities around college to help the soul and to allow people to break from the daily grind. Newnham is such a welcoming and friendly community and we are aiming to make everyone feel supported and comfortable in college, especially during these difficult times.

University can be a daunting, stressful, and at times quite isolating experience, therefore please feel free to reach out to myself or Sally if you ever have any worries/concerns or just need a helping hand; we’re always really happy to hear from people and would love the chance to help in any way that we can! If you ever need a friend to confide in or want to grab a coffee we are your gals!

LGBT+ Officers

Hannah Marshall (she/her)

Hello! My name is Hannah and I’m one of your LGBTQ+ officers this year. I am a PhD student at the Institute of Criminology, where my research focuses on child criminal exploitation in the context of county lines drug networks in the UK. I completed my undergraduate degree in Sociology at Newnham, before hopping across the pond to complete my Master’s in Social Anthropology at Brown University.

Newnham’s wonderful LGBTQ+ community, past and present, is very close to my heart and I’m excited to work with Kylie this year to bring you all plenty of exciting socials, speakers, and to work to make Newnham an even more welcoming space for LGBTQ+ students. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or suggestions.

Kylie Walters (she/her) (krw38)

Hi! I’m Kylie and I’m an MPhil student in Film and Screen Studies. I’m particularly interested in the mediation of objects and the role of the screen apparatus in a system of capitalist consumption. I’m from near Boston, Massachusetts and before moving to Cambridge I went to Colby College in Maine and worked in San Francisco.

I really look forward to working with Hannah to make Newnham an inviting and engaging place to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community for all this year. My hope is to offer a balanced platter of events so that there might be something for everyone in the mix. Please reach out if you have ideas/suggestions or just to chat -- my inbox is always open.

Environmental Officer

Yasmin Schoenbaechler (she/her) (yls23)

Hello! My name is Yasmin and I am your Environmental Officer this academic year. I am currently reading the MPhil in Environmental Policy and am particularly interested in the area of International Environmental Law. I am half Swiss and half Australian and I completed my Undergraduate studies in Business Law in Australia.

I have undertaken various green projects throughout my academic career, including creating initiatives to promote community focused sustainability work. As well as having had the pleasure of liaising with organisations who are creating innovative solutions to environmental issues.

As MCR Environmental Officer, the aim for this year is to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable behaviour and education in environmental matters. I hope to run various environmentally focused events throughout the academic year highlighting some of the key environmental issues’ society faces today. I am here to help all Newnhamites express their ideas, listen to their concerns and represent our College community to the best of my ability. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Women’s Officer

Jodi Vadinsky (she/her) (jv424)

Hello, I’m Jodi! I am currently studying for an MPhil in Early Modern History (early modern is about 1450-1750). Specifically, I study early modern British social and cultural history so there is really no better place for me to be than the U.K. My current project looks at gendered motivations behind bringing matrimonial breach of contract cases to the church courts in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. I have a BA in History and BS in Economics from the University of Alabama (where I spent every Saturday in the fall watching American football - Roll Tide!).

I am excited about serving as Women’s Officer because of the opportunity it provides to serve the community of women that have given me a place to cultivate my personal self-development, relationships, and education. What I love so much about Newnham is how comfortable I feel on the grounds and being part of a community of women who are passionate about bettering the experience of others in the College and beyond.

One of my goals as Women’s Officer is to introduce a monthly newsletter that has different development, education, and empowerment materials. To produce the newsletter, I will coordinate with other officers to provide a single, easily accessible, consolidated source for information on what is happening for women in the college and more broadly at the University.

Looking forward to serving with, and for, you all! Please feel free to come up and say hi! I am a regular at buttery lunches (if I look confused it is because I take my glasses off when my mask is on!).

International Officers

Cintia Kiyomi Shiratori (she/her) (cks35)

Hello! My name is CIntia and I’m a Mphil student in Education (Knowledge, Power, Politics). I’m a third generation Japanese-Brazilian. I was born and raised in Brazil, but in the last four years I lived in Australia and Japan, where I completed my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts at Soka University. Through my research, my goal is to understand how humanistic education can further social justice.

As an international officer, with Cintia by my side, I hope to support the MCR International students in their transition to the UK and throughout the academic year. As someone who had never stepped foot in England before coming to Cambridge, I know that studying in a new country can come with its challenges. Cintia and I aim to support international students during this unprecedented time with resources for everyday life and academics. We hope to create social events to share and celebrate everyone’s unique background. We are here to listen to both your challenges and triumphs, as we work to strengthen Newnham’s international community. Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time!

Sarah Rose (she/her) (sr926)

Hello! My name is Sarah and I’m an Mphil in Anthropocene Studies student, in the Geography Department. I am from Chicago, IL, USA. Before coming to Cambridge, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio practice from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I am passionate about creative approaches to communicating information about climate change.

As an international officer, with Cintia by my side, I hope to support the MCR International students in their transition to the UK and throughout the academic year. As someone who had never stepped foot in England before coming to Cambridge, I know that studying in a new country can come with its challenges. Cintia and I aim to support international students during this unprecedented time with resources for everyday life and academics. We hope to create social events to share and celebrate everyone’s unique background. We are here to listen to both your challenges and triumphs, as we work to strengthen Newnham’s international community. Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time!

Speaker Series Officers

Phoebe Graham (she/her) (peg26)

I’m Phoebe Graham (or Phoebs,, or Foob, or whatever creative variation that comes to mind)! I am an MPhil student in Heritage Studies, with a particular interest in the relationship between cultural memory, storytelling and resistance in conflict contexts. Before coming to Cambridge, I completed my undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts at the University of Bristol and McGill University, majoring in English Literature. As an advocate for interdisciplinary education, cultural exchange and the creative expression of ideas, I am so excited to be one of your Speaker Series Officers this year, alongside the inimitable Aisling Henihan.  

I feel very proud to be part of an academic community that was founded upon the empowerment of women’s voices, and I look forward to being part of curating an eclectic and stimulating series of talks with inspiring women in research, as well as the annual graduate conference. I am interested in hearing ideas from the student body on how we can innovate both the form and content of our Speaker Series to make sure there’s something for everyone, so do feel free to send me an email anytime (my inbox is always open for a deep discussion or chill chat)!

Aisling Henihan (she/they) (ash64)

I’m Aisling! I’m studying for an MPhil in Social Anthropology, with a focus in Museum Studies. I write about material culture and embodied memory in contested places, including Northern Ireland and the US South. I’m Irish-British-American, which means I like Barry’s, Lyons, AND iced tea. I earned my BA from UNC-Chapel Hill, where I studied Art History, Cultural Geography, and Creative Writing. Before starting my MPhil, I worked in a multidisciplinary museum in the US and in higher education administration in the UK.

For me, one of the most exciting things about Newnham is the college’s history as a place where women come together to learn from and with one another. As one of your Speaker Series Officers this year, I am really looking forward to working with the fabulous Phoebe to bring you a lecture series and a graduate conference that showcase exciting interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work. I hope we can draw on Newnham’s history of empowering women’s voices to elevate a wide range of voices in our community.

Both Phoebe and I would really like these events to reflect the interests and ideas of our student body, so please reach out if you have any thoughts about speakers at Newnham! Also if you want to chat about art, knitting, American college basketball, and/or dogs (including my puppy, Millie).

Social Secretaries

Izzy Piper (she/her) (ip374)

Hi everyone! I’m Izzy, one of your three MCR social secs this year. I am an MPhil student studying Criminology, and I did my undergrad in Law.  In my MPhil, my research is focusing on gendered violence against women, and exploring alternative responses to domestic abuse in particular.

As social sec, my role is to organise social events at College, as well as the MCR Garden party.  Despite Covid, I am committed to making this year at Newnham as social and as fun as ever, and will work flexibly to ensure we can have great events following whatever the current guidelines are.

I want the Newnham social scene to be as inclusive as possible with something for everyone, so if you have any ideas or suggestions about what you would like to see on the agenda this year, please get in touch!

Gabrielle Almendra Inzirillo (she/her) (gai20)

Hi, my name is Gabrielle, but my best friends and family call me by my middle name Almendra. Feel free to use whichever! I am studying an MPhil in Technology Policy and am thrilled to be one of your three social secretaries this year.

This year is going to present its challenges but I am confident in our collective abilities to meet them and find ways to keep the college going socially. Though we are in an academic setting and it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that social activities are a nice-to-have, I am a firm believer that ad-hoc introductions fuel creativity and are fodder for opportunities. Nothing would make me happier than to know that you met your cofounder,  research associate, best friend or even partner at a Newnham social. Izzy, Ellie and myself are open to all your suggestions and ideas!

Outside of my role as a social secretary feel free to hit me up to chat about venture capital, finance or if you need suggestions to draft a *fire* LinkedIn bio.  

Ellie Piper (she/her) (ehp31)

Hi everyone, I’m Ellie and I am so excited to be one your three social secretaries this year! I am an MPhil Architecture and Urban Design student so I will be in Cambridge for two years. My research looks at gendered implications of public and private space and property in Istanbul.

Alongside Gabrielle and Izzy, I am super excited to plan social events for MCR members this year, which could range from garden parties to film screenings to small coffee meetings. We will however promise to ensure every in-person event is completely Covid-safe and we will always be open to suggestions regarding online-event ideas too!

Newnham is an amazing place to be a postgraduate student, so hopefully over the next year we will plan some great safe, fun and innovative events to make your experience even better. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries!

BAME Officers

Jinny Yoon (jmy34)

Shanice Collins (sc2230)