About Newnham

Newnham College was founded as a women's college in 1871, and remains the oldest College run by and for women. It admits both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and aims to create a supportive and fulfilling community for research, teaching, and self-expression. For over 150 years, Newnhamites have challenged expectations and redefined what the college experience can be, and this continues into the present day.

Perks of the college include beautiful gardens, a well-stocked library, extracurricular music and sport groups, and the iconic Iris Café. For more information on these, as well as practical matters like admissions, accommodation, and support services, see the college website.

About the MCR

MCR stands for Middle Common Room (as opposed to Junior or Senior), and refers to both the college's postgraduate community and a physical common room space. The MCR as a community is represented by the MCR Committee, which is made up of volunteers from the community, elected every academic year. Funds are allocated to the MCR by college every year to run events, buy equipment, and otherwise provide enjoyable experiences and support to the community. The Committee also represents the interests of the postgraduate community, with members sitting on many college- and university- wide committees. More information about the current committee and their roles can be found on the Committee page.

The MCR as a space is located in Old Hall, near the Pfeiffer Arch. It is on the ground floor, but there is a gravel path and small step leading up to the main entrance. It contains a grand piano, a collection of board games, and a TV screen + HDMI cable. There is a large table, comfy sofas, and a small kitchen with a sink, microwave, fridge, and kettle. The space and facilities can be used by any member of the MCR community at any time, whether this is for studying, relaxing, or holding events. For information on booking the space, and general community rules for using the room, see the room booking page.

The MCR Constitution

The MCR constitution is the official document approved by college, which sets out the rules, rights, and obligations of the MCR community and committee. If you are curious and want to have a look at our MCR constitution - have a read!